What's the Worst that Could Happen on a Fake Mission to Mars?

Following the 105-day simulated mission that ended this summer, the European Space Agency is looking for volunteers to spend 520 days in isolation, simulating a Mars mission. So what could possibly go wrong when you never leave the ground? » 10/22/09 10:41am 10/22/09 10:41am

Will People On Long Space Missions Inevitably Kill Each Other?

For 105 days, 4 Russians and 2 Europeans holed up in isolation in Moscow, to see if they could survive a mission to Mars without killing one another in frustration, while American scientists watched. Tomorrow, they'll be freed. » 7/13/09 5:19pm 7/13/09 5:19pm

Get Ready to Hear the Sounds of Mars

Much of the excitement over the Phoenix Lander of late has focused on its discoveries of water on Mars. The Phoenix has touched Martian ice, found the planet’s internal plumbing, and even seen it snow. Now the team is preparing the Phoenix for a different sort of first, as NASA scientists prepare to turn on its… » 10/01/08 12:00pm 10/01/08 12:00pm