NASA Wants Mars Curiosity Rover to "Drive Less And Do More Science"

NASA plans to extend seven of its ongoing planetary missions, a review panel announced yesterday. Two of the missions, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Mars rover Opportunity, were at risk of being shut down, but it was Mars rover Curiosity that drew the least-favorable reviews, and the harshest criticisms. » 9/04/14 9:20am 9/04/14 9:20am

Behold the terrifying claws of Mars

This Halloween eve, look upon in horror at the mark of a strange and terrible beast that roams the plains of the red planet. What horrible monster could leave such an eerie footprint? Also, it's over six miles long. » 10/30/11 9:30am 10/30/11 9:30am

Mars Odyssey celebrates 10 years orbiting the Red Planet

Check out this gorgeous Martian vista. This view of the Western Candor Chasma on Mars was created with data from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft. » 4/07/11 3:26pm 4/07/11 3:26pm