Sesame Street Martians' Official Position On Whether Big Bird Is On Mars

Today we learned that conspiracy theorists had set their sights on Big Bird’s large yellow head, claiming the giant Muppet had cast his shadow across Mars. And in response, commenter Chick Counterfly shared this...well, we’re not sure exactly what it is. We only know that we can’t stop reading it. » 6/12/15 3:30pm 6/12/15 3:30pm

When did we start believing in Martians? Why did we stop?

Today, we have rovers busily studying the surface of Mars, but 100 years ago, it wasn't uncommon for people to believe that intelligent Martians occupied the Red Planet, and 100 years before that, visions of Moon dwellers danced in many people's heads. Where did these ideas of nearby intelligent extraterrestrials come… » 9/08/13 8:30am 9/08/13 8:30am

Mindblowing Concept Art from Mars Needs Moms: The lair of the mother-stealing Martians has never looked so dangerous

You might not have been paying attention to the animated movie of Berkeley Breathed's Mars Needs Moms — but this fiery, insane concept art may change your mind. Check out some more luscious concept art of the film's dangerous locations — and hope that they're not coming for your mom next. [via Stitch Kingdom] » 2/16/11 2:51pm 2/16/11 2:51pm

The Martians Are Coming - and They Want Your Oldsmobile

"Trail of the Rocket" is a 1951 promo film for Oldsmobile's new "rocket" engine. Johnny and his singing partner Lucille, whose show just happens to be sponsored by Olds, are invited on a factory tour. But before they get there, Johnny snoops around his friend's laboratory, where he's experimenting with interplanetary… » 8/01/08 1:00pm 8/01/08 1:00pm

The Ninteenth Century Madman Who Invented Martians

He was the man who launched a thousand imaginary rocketships to Mars — in the nineteenth century, before anybody knew the word "Martian" and War of the Worlds hadn't been written yet. Percival Lowell, a wealthy Bostonian, spent his youth traveling Japan and Korea before having a nervous breakdown and recovering by… » 4/28/08 4:46pm 4/28/08 4:46pm