Will Syfy's Blake's 7 reboot be as dark as Battlestar Galactica?

Syfy's great success story remains Battlestar Galactica, the cheeseball 1970s space opera show that Ronald D. Moore brought back as a gritty, more serious look at the remnants of humanity trying to survive after a robot massacre. So now that Syfy is apparently picking up Blake's 7, the 1970s British space opera, can… » 8/21/12 11:32pm 8/21/12 11:32pm

How Hector Hammond channeled Carl Sagan to become Green Lantern's evil…

After the flashy Green Lantern footage was premiered we sat down with cast and crew to talk about the ring-slinging space corps. But we were most surprised to learn Peter Sarsgaard's inspiration for his mustachioed character. Spoilers ahead... » 7/24/10 4:56pm 7/24/10 4:56pm