Is that Patrick Stewart doing a crazy voiceover in the first Dorothy of…

Who asked for a sequel to The Wizard of Oz featuring Lea Michele from Glee as Dorothy, and Dan Aykroyd as the Scarecrow? Whoever it is, here you go. The first trailer for Dorothy of Oz looks, well... let's just say unnecessary. The computer animation looks sort of like a kids' video game circa 1995, and the one song… » 9/04/12 2:31pm 9/04/12 2:31pm

Frankenweenie is Tim Burton's twisted take on man's best friend

Tim Burton is returning to his 1984 short Frankenweenie with a full-length, stop-motion, black-and-white remake. It's about an introverted suburban kid who also happens to be a mad scientist...and how far he goes to see his beloved dog again. » 8/21/11 1:05pm 8/21/11 1:05pm

Worst Fantastic Voyage-Inspired Drunken Dance Orgy Ever

Dennis Quaid week continues! Quaid's been shrunk to molecule-size and injected into Martin Short, who drinks Southern Comfort so that Quaid can catch some on the way down. And then they dance together: Short and his microscopic companion. » 9/22/09 6:00pm 9/22/09 6:00pm

Implantable Wi-Fi network Invented, Dennis Quaid Flies Into Jealous Rage

It's been 21 years since Dennis Quaid pioneered the field of implantable communications technology by sending traveler's dispatches from inside Martin Short's body (and briefly Meg Ryan's too, hubba hubba!) in Innerspace. Now, Dennis, it seems you've been outdone. The UK's Office of Communications has just issued a … » 5/08/08 9:30am 5/08/08 9:30am