Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones, Marvel's Most Badass Detective

Just over a month from now, Marvel’s next TV show debuts, featuring Jessica Jones. But who is Jessica? She’s not as well known as Daredevil or the Agents of SHIELD, even though she spent some time as an Avenger in the comics. So here’s everything you need to know about Marvel’s most superheroic detective. »10/05/15 2:00pmMonday 2:00pm

A Damage Control TV Series May Be Headed To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel’s live-action universe may be getting a little bigger. Variety is reporting that ABC is planning to make a comedy show set in the Marvel universe—and it’s going to be based on the oddball shenanigans of Damage Control, a comic about the people who have to clean up after superheroes have wrecked the place. »10/02/15 4:30pmFriday 4:30pm

The Team Behind the Excellent Daredevil Comic Is Making a New Black Widow Series!

Oh my god. We’ve known for a while that Black Widow would be getting her own series in Marvel’s upcoming “All-New, All-Different” reboot—but we didn’t know who, and now we do, it’s safe to say Natasha is in good hands: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, the team behind Marvel’s outstanding Daredevil comic. »10/02/15 2:20pmFriday 2:20pm

New TV Spot Shows Why You Should Let Jessica Jones Drink Alone

Here’s the second TV spot for Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones. When we last saw the titular badass, she defeated the little-known supervillain Alarm Clock; here, she’s seen in the aftermath of a battle with the evil team Bar Full of People Who Foolishly Thought They Could Fight Jessica Jones. Man, I… »10/01/15 10:00am10/01/15 10:00am

The Agents of SHIELD Are Laying The Groundwork For Captain America's Next Movie

When Agents of SHIELD began, its first season revolved around building up towards the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now there’s another Captain America movie coming out next spring, and we can already see how Agents of SHIELD is laying some track down for it. Spoilers ahead... »9/30/15 11:00am9/30/15 11:00am

In This Week's Comics, There's a High-Fantasy Series We've Waited All Year To Read

It’s a quiet week for new comics—as indicated by a bevy of annuals. But in the midst of this quiet, we’ve got From Under Mountains, one of our must-read comics of the season. On top of that? Agents of SHIELD’s Melinda May gets her own one-off comic! Let’s check out all the new series of the week, shall we? »9/29/15 5:40pm9/29/15 5:40pm

The Guardians of the Galaxy Cartoon Loves The Guardians of the Galaxy Film A Little Too Much

The very first shot of Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon is of Star-Lord’s cassette player. A hand reaches down onto it, the thumb presses play... and then Hooked on a Feeling blares out, as if a million executives simultaneously cried out “Oh god you loved that weird movie we made last year. What do we do… »9/28/15 5:30pm9/28/15 5:30pm

The Inhumans Are Loose in the Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere

Don’t particularly care to wait until September 29th to see new Agents of SHIELD? Well, good news, because here’s the first four minutes of the season 3 premiere, in which Skye/Daisy helps out a new Inhuman who is accidentally on a small rampage... but it turns out she and her Secret Warriors aren’t the only ones… »9/24/15 10:07am9/24/15 10:07am

In This Week's New Comics, a Village of Animals Is Gripped By the Fear of Aliens Among Them

It’s an incredibly quiet week in new comics... almost too quiet. Such a sinister environ is perfect for the release of Wild’s End: The Enemy Within, the follow-up to the fantastic tale of 1930s anthropomorphic animals holding off an alien invasion (or so they thought!). Let’s dig in and check out whats new in comics… »9/22/15 5:50pm9/22/15 5:50pm

We're Getting a New Black Panther Comic, and It Sounds Absolutely Incredible

We’ve known for a while that Black Panther would be getting a series as part of Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” reboot—but now the company have finally dished out details on the title, and it turns out it’s got one hell of a creative team behind it: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze are teaming up to take on… »9/22/15 4:10pm9/22/15 4:10pm

Behold the Completely Absurd Insanity of Marvel Comics' 1990s "Cool-O-Meters"

It’s well known that the 90s were a very strange time for comics. Bizarro plots, ridiculous artwork—some of the best “Comics are weird!” moments come from the decade. But these “cool-o-meters”, ripped from the pages of a year of Marvel comics, prove that not every wacky 90s moment came from the story pages of comics. »9/17/15 1:50pm9/17/15 1:50pm