Jessica Jones’ Terrifying Villain Has A Brood Of Evil Comic-Book Children

Millions of people are binging on Jessica Jones right now. They’re watching as a sadistic predator named Kilgrave makes the title character’s life a living hell. Kilgrave’s even worse in the comics, though: he’s a crappy absentee dad who passed his powers to a bunch of angry, neglected sons and daughters. »Monday 8:30pm11/23/15 8:30pm


Luke and Vader Face Off in Marvel’s Best Star Wars Comic So Far

Star Wars canon has changed, and some of that has happened in a new wave of Marvel Comics series. Months ago, we saw Luke Skywalker wield a lightsaber against his father way before their fateful meeting in The Empire Strikes Back. This week’s Star Wars comic has them dogfighting against each other and it’s damn great. »11/17/15 4:17pm11/17/15 4:17pm

Spider-Woman Is Going on Maternity Leave

Skintight suit with very specific contrasting panels. Poses and artists chosen to highlight her body. Pheromone powers that made her control dudes. Once upon a time, Spider-Woman was a Marvel Comics character that was seemingly tailor-made for ogling and creepy fantasies. She’s mad pregnant now, though. So, yeah,… »11/16/15 8:30pm11/16/15 8:30pm

The Marvel Comics Prequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Kinda Weird

The end of Star Wars: Episode VI made it seem like all that fighting between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire stopped once the credits rolled. Of course, wars don’t end quite like that. A Marvel Comics series that just ended this week features a few characters who will connect the old Star Wars movies to the upcoming… »10/22/15 5:30pm10/22/15 5:30pm

Marvel's Newest Nick Fury Comic Has a Time-Traveling Super-Racist and a Very Special Guest Star

There are two Nick Furys in the current version of the Marvel Universe: a younger black guy and the original white super-spy who’s his dad. This week, they meet in a time-travel story that shows how the racial tension in America today isn’t all that different from the how it was in the bad old days. »9/24/15 4:50pm9/24/15 4:50pm

How to Make a Fantastic Four Movie

The Fantastic Four is one of my favorite teams in comic books. That is because, essentially, they aren’t a team, they are a family. Two of them are siblings, two of them are married, two of them have been best friends for years. They bicker, they squabble, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs and… »8/06/15 8:30pm8/06/15 8:30pm