The Secret Villain Responsible for Secret Wars Revealed

Since New Avengers #1 in March of 2013, the Marvel universe has had to deal with the Incursions — two universes colliding together and obliterating each other if one Earth isn't destroyed in time. This will eventually result in Battleworld and the Secret Wars. The reason given for the Incursions was that in one… »3/15/15 11:03am3/15/15 11:03am


Your Universe Is Officially Godless, According to Marvel

It's always a good sign when you're told ahead of time that what you're about to see is "historic," and Marvel's Friday morning Your Universe panel really did offer fans a first - The chance for them to grill the people in charge of Marvel's comic books, movies and cartoons about everything that makes them happy, mad… »7/25/08 2:50pm7/25/08 2:50pm