This Week's Comics Have Something For Everyone... Even Monkey Fetishists

It had to happen; after the relatively quiet weeks of yore, this Wednesday sees a deluge of good stuff to your local comic book store. Whether you're looking for secret histories of your favorite superheroes, happier times for your favorite cancelled TV shows, something to make you pretend that the Speed Racer » 10/07/08 9:00am 10/07/08 9:00am movie…

Has Marvel Discovered The Everybody-Wins Solution For Zombies?

As Marvel Comics unleash their latest Marvel Zombies » 10/06/08 8:30am 10/06/08 8:30am series on an entirely-suspecting audience this week, it's worth pointing out that some things have changed under new series writer Fred Van Lente. Firstly, the extra-dimensional zombies have come to the regular Marvel Universe. Secondly, the star of this series is…

Atlantis' Lost Son Saves This Week's Comics

Every now and again you find something with such a wonderful, perfect, title that it throws every other story in the world into sharp relief. "Why," you think to yourself, "does every other story in the world not have a title so ideal to crystalize its content and intent into one small, simple phrase that touches my… » 4/08/08 9:00am 4/08/08 9:00am