Horrifying test footage from the live-action Marvin The Martian movie…

Behold the first terrible looks of Hollywood's updated movie versions of Marvin The Martian and Hong Kong Phooey. Released on the internet by director Alex Zamm, let's hope the dumping of these horrifying, soul-crushing "translations" of classic Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera cartoons onto the internet means both… » 12/28/12 7:30am 12/28/12 7:30am

Marvin The Martian Gets Title Role In CG Film

Everyone's favorite skirted alien is about to become a leading martian in his own film. Warner Brothers is developing a Loony Tunes feature staring Marvin as he wreaks havoc during the Earth holiday known as Christmas. Even better, this movie will be a blend of live action and CG. Let's hope there's a fight to the… » 7/30/08 9:30am 7/30/08 9:30am