Agents of SHIELD is all about Skye's journey... and that's a problem

Last night's Agents of SHIELD focused on the newest member of the team. Skye is the Gwen Cooper to this show's Torchwood, having joined the organization in the very first episode, and last night's episode was all about whether she was SHIELD material. Sadly, the episode served to highlight some of this show's pitfalls. »10/09/13 1:59pm10/09/13 1:59pm


How To Tell When The Fans Are Killing Science Fiction

Science fiction fans are like the bacteria in your stomach: most of the time, they help to keep you healthy. But when the pH balance goes wrong, and the bacteria start running the show, they can make you sick. We've expressed our view that Star Trek deserves euthanasia partly because it inevitably caters too much to… »2/18/08 6:00pm2/18/08 6:00pm