The Third G.​I.Joe Movie May Team-Up With M.A.S.K.

Please take a Channing Tatum-sized grain of salt with this news, but a new rumor says the third G.I.Joe movie will bring in the evil twins Xamot and Tomax as the film's antagonists, but that the Joe team will bring Matt Trakker and the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand to fight Cobra in this installment. » 2/06/15 7:20am 2/06/15 7:20am

10 Most Unnecessary Movie Sequels Of All Time

Sometimes, you see a movie that opens up a whole universe of possibilities, leaving you wondering where these characters will go next. So much adventure waiting to happen! And then... there are movies that really don't need a sequel, but get one anyway. Here are 10 film sequels that it's really hard to believe… » 4/10/14 10:34am 4/10/14 10:34am

Long before V for Vendetta this newspaper seller wore a mustached mask

Alan Moore's comic V for Vendetta (and the subsequent film) inspired members of the group known as Anonymous to cover their faces with Guy Fawkes masks. Back in 1929, this newspaper seller hid his identity with a similarly mustached mask. » 5/25/13 9:00am 5/25/13 9:00am

An Italian Design Firm is Creating High Fashion Mutants

Italian design firm Do the Mutation is creating high-fashion (and high concept) "mutants," using individualized 3-D-printed masks. This blend of a science fiction aesthetic with cutting-edge design is creating something new and unique. » 5/16/13 6:20am 5/16/13 6:20am

The time M.A.S.K. took a super racist Australian vacation

Most of us look back on the cartoons of our youth through the lens of nostalgia, but man, M.A.S.K. was horrible. I mean, just awful. It made G.I. Joe look smart, and it made He-Man look deep. And, as it turns out, it could be super, super racist, too. » 4/19/13 9:15am 4/19/13 9:15am

The 10 Most Badass Cartoon Heroines of the ‘80s

There was a phrase used in the 1980s for the intangible barrier that prevented women (and minorities) from reaching the upper echelons of corporate America: "the glass ceiling." But while real women were unfortunately battling for the positions of power they deserved, cartoon women were breaking the glass ceiling and… » 1/28/13 10:05am 1/28/13 10:05am

10 More Toys For Hollywood To Co-Opt

With Transformers and GI Joe amongst the most successful movies of the summer, it's no surprise that studios are looking for the next big toy thing. But Battleship isn't going to cut it... Not while these playthings are available. » 10/04/09 12:00pm 10/04/09 12:00pm

Five Scifi Cycles To Adore

Click to view » 8/30/08 12:00pm 8/30/08 12:00pmWe've given it a lot of thought, and come up with the only possible explanation for why was such a big hit: The Bat-Pod. From to , theatergoers have been going wild about tight butts on hot hogs for years, and Batman's sweet ride is just the latest to make those cash registers sing. With that in mind,…