These Paper Masks Are Halloween Costumes Made Easy

And polygonal. While you're considering making some of your own Halloween decorations, you can also consider getting some of these paper mask patterns from Steve Wintercroft. » 10/22/14 9:30pm 10/22/14 9:30pm

Turn Yourself Into A Dragon With These Handcrafted Masks And Gauntlets

Here's something we never knew we wanted: lovingly crafted leather and resin masks in the shapes of dragons' heads with matching gauntlets. They're the perfect accessory for the humans in your dragon army. » 4/30/14 8:00pm 4/30/14 8:00pm

The Air Force Chief of Staff gave a briefing in a Captain America mask

Is Air Force Chief of Staff Mark A. Welsh just a commander having a bit of fun at a briefing, or is he an actual super-soldier? Or is he moonlighting as a Mexican wrestler? Because he is definitely wearing a Captain America-styled luchadore mask. » 9/18/13 6:40am 9/18/13 6:40am

Robbers used special effects masks to disguise themselves as white

How convincing can practical special effects be in real life? A trio of black men wore masks purchased from a special effects company while committing a robbery in order to make witnesses believe they were white—and it actually worked. » 8/11/13 3:30pm 8/11/13 3:30pm

Cloning the food supply has disastrous consequences in this freaky…

In Patrick Smith's multi-award-winning animated short film Masks, a race of sadistic masked men chow down on a seemingly helpless species of smaller folk. When a scientist devises a way to clone the squeaky little people, the masked men think they've hit on an endless food supply—one that will radically change the… » 3/12/13 11:06am 3/12/13 11:06am

Uncanny Valley masks transform you into a beautiful nightmare

Designer Meike Harde has printed out a series of two-dimensional masks of attractive human features that — when skewed by the contours of the actual face — become positively repellent. The flawless (albeit substitute) eyes and lips meld with the exposed skin, and these perfect traits become imperfect and downright… » 4/16/12 8:40am 4/16/12 8:40am

This insane homemade Predator mask is perfect for dinner parties

Looking for the perfect headgear to spruce up your social life? This custom-made Predator helmet — which boasts a functioning tri-laser and 45-centimeter horns — by Yautja aficionado Mike Loh is the ultimate in peacocking. A mere $1050 will get you this formidable chapeau and a fan fiction backstory to impress new… » 3/20/12 6:50am 3/20/12 6:50am

How to make frighteningly realistic masks of human faces

YouTube is rife with cosplay creations that straddle the line between sort of impressive and unmitigated nightmare fuel. YouTube crafter zjchgf specializes in building masks of gleefully sinister women frozen silent mid-grin. » 3/07/12 1:40pm 3/07/12 1:40pm

When Halloween 3 came out, you could buy replicas of the masks that…

Those of you keeping track at home will remember that the third Halloween film, Season of the Witch, had absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers chasing Jamie Lee Curtis. » 10/09/11 7:30am 10/09/11 7:30am

The Cyber-Crow Attacks!

This Venetian mask looks like a crow-headed alien assimilated by the Borg. Kaibara on Flickr found this mask among a bizarre cyborg mask collection in Venice. Click through for an image of the whole set. » 1/23/08 2:00pm 1/23/08 2:00pm

Blue Aliens Face Off with Braveheart Bots in New Animated Short

Great battle scenes are few and far between, especially when animated alien-bot wars are what make your blood boil. When you want your alien-bot war, the only thing to do is watch Masks, an short created by Microsoft's Zune Arts and NYC design studio PandaPanther. It's packed with horned blue aliens in pumpkin head… » 11/21/07 11:00am 11/21/07 11:00am