10 Criminally Overlooked Characters in the Mass Effect Universe

The more you delve into the Mass Effect games, the less the story is just about Commander Shepard. Instead, you start to notice more and more of the personal lives and struggles of the non-player characters you meet along the way. A huge part of what makes Mass Effect such an addictive universe is the supporting cast,… » 7/24/12 10:00am 7/24/12 10:00am

Alien Love Scenes, Strange Allies And Blade Runner In Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect was among the most important science-fiction works of the past few years. And Mass Effect 2 promises better alien worlds, more "alien love scenes," and a Blade Runner-inspired space station. Bioware's Casey Hudson gave us a misison briefing. » 1/20/10 4:00pm 1/20/10 4:00pm