Feast your eyes on Curiosity's latest photos of Mars, including new…

You're looking at a small section of a vast and colorful panoramic view of Mars, one of the latest to be beamed back by NASA's Curiosity rover. The panorama (click here for full-res) shows a 360-degree view of the rover's landing site, and a clear shot of the highest visible reaches of Mount Sharp, the rover's primary… » 8/28/12 12:03pm 8/28/12 12:03pm

And now, Curiosity's Myspace-inspired self portrait

If the Curiosity rover had a Myspace page, this would be its main photo. Black and white, taken from a slightly elevated angle... and while I'm not 100% certain on this, it looks as though Curiosity may be flashing the one-ton-rover equivalent of a duck face. » 8/09/12 1:40pm 8/09/12 1:40pm