This Week's TV: Guess which show is doing an Inception tribute — with bed-wetting?

This week on TV, Ridley Scott pays tribute to George Lucas! And we get to watch the Masters of Science Fiction episode that was too shocking for network TV. Can Walking Dead top last night's shocking episode? Also, find out if humans will survive first contact with intelligent aliens. Darth Maul returns to Star Wars! »3/05/12 12:00pm3/05/12 12:00pm


Anne Heche Vs. Malcolm McDowell, With A Bio-Slave's Rights At Stake

The anthology series Masters Of Science Fiction is finally coming to DVD in the U.S. — a full year after ABC ran four out of the six episodes during the August lull. The four episodes include one brilliant standout: "Jerry Was A Man," based on a Robert Heinlein story about a genetically engineered chain-smoking slave… »6/16/08 3:48pm6/16/08 3:48pm