9 Animals That Masturbate (Other Than Humans)

Humans didn’t invent masturbation. We get the urge because our ancestors did too, even back to the earliest mammals and reptiles. It’s likely that as soon as animals evolved brain circuitry that made stimulating sexual organs rewarding, individuals started taking the opportunity to reward themselves.
» 8/12/15 12:30pm 8/12/15 12:30pm

Internet-connected sex toys let you "access" your long-distance partner

Sex in long-distance relationships often relies on prowess with one's own hand and a good imagination, but soon lovers separated by miles and oceans could get a little technological help. LovePalz is yet another "world's first Internet-enabled sex toy," aiming to let partners please each other even when they're apart. » 3/13/13 12:40pm 3/13/13 12:40pm

This 1880s anti-masturbation armor = the ultimate codpiece for your retro Iron Man costume

If your steampunk Iron Man costume is sadly lacking that authentic je ne sais quoi, you could always track down this Victorian-era anti-wanking device. (Note the helpful urine colander.) Yes, it was designed for teens and is shudder-inducing in every single way, but nobody said crime-fighting was a vacation. » 8/09/12 3:55pm 8/09/12 3:55pm

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Love and Sex

Tomorrow, as you are almost certainly aware, is Valentine's Day. For some of us, this a particularly blissful time of year. For others it's one that calls for intense cynicism. But regardless of your stance on Valentine's Day, there's no way to avoid being bombarded with romantic imagery. So you might as well take… » 2/13/12 10:23am 2/13/12 10:23am

10 of History's Weirdest Medical and Scientific Patents

We're all familiar with some of the more famous patents in history; Thomas Edison's electric light, Samuel Morse's morse code, and Henry Ford's carburetor, for example. But sometimes genius manifests itself in the form of less... conventional inventions. Here are ten ridiculous "medical" patents, and a couple… » 10/03/11 11:10am 10/03/11 11:10am