Wayward Pines Offers Up More Big Revelations—and Some Agonizing Irony

Wayward Pines took a week off after the 10-ton truth bomb that was episode five. Now that (some of) the characters are in on the town’s massive secret—and all of the audience is up to speed—the show returns to try and keep the momentum going with episode six, “Choices.” And it does! » 6/26/15 11:50am 6/26/15 11:50am

Ethan Gets The Worst Promotion Ever On This Week's Wayward Pines 

Last week we learned a couple of key points on Wayward Pines: Ethan Burke will kill for the family he was cheating on just weeks prior (R.I.P. to a certain ice cream-loving throat-slasher); and there’s something terribly sinister screeching behind the town walls. What weirdness will be revealed this week? » 6/05/15 10:40am 6/05/15 10:40am

Wayward Pines' Second Episode Builds To A Jaw-Dropping Twist 

Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) continues to be baffled by the surreal pace of life in Wayward Pines, but he’s no longer completely clueless. That said, he’s still fully capable of putting disastrous events in motion, which he does in episode two: “Do Not Discuss Your Life Before.” Spoilers follow! » 5/22/15 11:15am 5/22/15 11:15am

We Saw Half Of Shyamalan's Wayward Pines, And It's Surprisingly Decent

It’s not a spoiler to say something wrought by The Sixth Sense’s M. Night Shyamalan has twists. This is useful, because Wayward Pines, his series adapted from the books by Blake Crouch, is chock full o’ twists. We’ve seen the first half of the 10-episode season, and these are our (spoiler-free!) first impressions. » 5/01/15 1:00pm 5/01/15 1:00pm