If You Love Science, You Should Read This Magazine

It started with a Kickstarter campaign. A couple of veteran science/technology journalists, Jim Giles and Bobbie Johnson, wanted a place where people could do investigative, long-form sci/tech writing. But most general interest magazines had cut down their feature sections, while science magazines didn't want to… » 12/11/12 3:47pm 12/11/12 3:47pm

Neutron star observed creating otherwise impossible form of matter

Neutron stars are the unimaginably dense remnants of collapsed giant stars. They get their name because the conditions inside are so fierce that atoms are smashed apart into a soup of protons, electrons, and, yes, neutrons. And now we have the first direct evidence that neutron stars are forming superfluids of… » 2/06/11 1:20pm 2/06/11 1:20pm