Good News: Angry Robot Books Gets Back To Full Speed In A Couple Months

Angry Robot Books has published some of our favorite books of the past few years, including Ramez Naam's Nexus and Madeline Ashby's vN. But since Angry Robot got bought last fall, a lot of books were delayed, and Ashby ended up taking her next standalone book to Tor. The good news is, Angry Robot's signed some great… » 1/14/15 2:10pm 1/14/15 2:10pm

One of the past decade's most underrated novels is now a short film

We really liked Matthew De Abaitua's creepy, insane novel Red Men, which was shortlisted for the Clarke Award but otherwise hasn't gotten the attention it deserved. And now, at last, it's become a short film called Dr. Easy, which could lead to a full-length feature. » 6/21/13 11:20am 6/21/13 11:20am

Our Favorite Last Lines From Science Fiction Novels

Science fiction is the literature of the future. So the best SF novels have endings that resolve the story and leave you feeling as though it continues after the last page. Here are our favorite last lines from SF books. » 7/31/09 2:27pm 7/31/09 2:27pm

Posthuman Assholes Rule Cyber-Town

What if your cyber-self was an asswipe? That's the premise of Red Men, the freaktastic new novel by Idler editor Matthew De Abaitua. Red Men has a fresh take on the posthuman dream of uploading your consciousness into cyberspace. Cantor, an artificial intelligence from the future, can scan your brain and create a… » 12/10/07 1:30pm 12/10/07 1:30pm