Space Station Film Will Actually Be Filmed In Zero G

A new apocalyptic space film called MNP will use all the space technology that director Mathieu Kassovitz (Gothika) can get his hands on. For MNP, named for the space station where much of the movie takes place, Kassovitz will workclosely with actual space stations and aeronautical organizations to bring actual science … » 5/22/08 8:40am 5/22/08 8:40am

They Tore Down Babylon!

» 4/09/08 10:10am 4/09/08 10:10am

We reported a while back that U.S. audiences will see a drastically shorter cut of Babylon A.D. than Europeans this August — but apparently it's worse than we'd feared. The dystopian action movie, directed by Matthieu Kassovitz (Gothika) and starring Vin Diesel, will run roughly 160 minutes in most of Europe. But the… » 4/09/08 10:10am 4/09/08 10:10am