First World War Z reviews: It's not a total waste of time

The first reviews for World War Z have been coming out over the past few days, and they're generally ranging from neutral to sort-of positive. The consensus: Parts of the film are thrilling, parts are painfully slow, and the overall effect is a reasonably solid thriller that happens to have a ton of zombies in it. »6/07/13 6:23pm6/07/13 6:23pm

Brad Pitt travels the zombie-infested world in the latest World War Z trailer

The latest trailer for World War Z does go global, but not in the fascinating and heartbreaking manner of Max Brooks' original novel. Instead of seeing the political and social consequences of the zombie pandemic, we get Brad Pitt racing around the world, trying to learn the origin of the outbreak while dodging the… »3/23/13 11:00am3/23/13 11:00am

World War Z's Super Bowl trailer makes no mention of zombies

The Super Bowl spot for Brad Pitt's World War Z trailer is out, and we're not sure what the casual observer is supposed to make out of this hyper-cut crazy. It feels like Pitt is starring in some sort of termite-human pile National Treasure spinoff. Was that the Constitution? At what point are they going to start… »1/31/13 8:39pm1/31/13 8:39pm

World War Z author Max Brooks explains zombie outbreaks, and why hippies won't survive them

There's a great interview with World War Z author Max Brooks in the student newspaper of UNC Asheville, where Brooks is going to be giving a talk and teaching a creative writing class. Brooks talks about how he wrote his Zombie Survival Guide for fun, and never intended to publish it, and how he spent years and years… »2/11/11 4:20pm2/11/11 4:20pm