The New Superman: American Alien Comic Totally Nails the Vulnerability of Clark Kent

Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis has his own Superman comic now, and while it treads on familiar ground, it promises to be like no other: seven snapshots from Clark’s life as he learns to deal with his superpowers and learns to become a superhero. The first issue leans into the similarity a little too much, but it’s… »11/11/15 11:00am11/11/15 11:00am

Max Landis Has The Best Idea Yet For The Ghostbusters 3 Movie

Which is kind of a shame, because he's not directing it. Despite an erroneous, quickly pulled article on, Landis confirmed on Twitter that there was no truth to the rumors he was in the running to helm the long-in-the-containment-unit movie... and then blew our minds with the best Ghostbusters 3 story… »6/18/14 4:40pm6/18/14 4:40pm

Chronicle's Max Landis creating a superhero show for Fox

Chronicle was one of the sharpest movies about superpowers and teen angst we've seen in ages — so we're excited that its writer, Max Landis, is penning a new superhero show for Fox. In Vigilant, a young woman creates a fictional vigilante identity to take down corruption in the police department. (Shades of the most… »9/20/12 4:27pm9/20/12 4:27pm