Another Familiar Face Returns In The Next Season Of Doctor Who

See a Mad Max: Fury Road featurette, and discover who’s shooting Star Wars: Episode VIII. Red Dwarf is officially back! Vince Gilligan won’t return for the X-Files revival. The Flash teases even more Grodd action. Plus, what’s to come on Vampire Diaries, Agents of SHIELD and Gotham. Spoilers Get! » 5/04/15 6:00am 5/04/15 6:00am

May Day, 1871: The Day “Science Fiction” Was Invented

This Sunday is the 140th anniversary of May 1, 1871. On that date Lord Bulwer-Lytton's The Coming Race and George Chesney's "The Battle of Dorking" were both first published, and on that date Samuel Butler delivered to his publisher the manuscript of what would become Erewhon. (Erewhon was published in 1872). This is… » 4/29/11 9:31am 4/29/11 9:31am