Reminder: J.J. Abrams' Superman: Flyby Would Have Been Insane

If you're unaware of the never-made J.J. Abrams' Superman movie, you are in for a treat. Here's a video breakdown of the insanity that could have been, including one dead and then resurrected Superman. » 8/27/14 5:06pm 8/27/14 5:06pm

Storyboards reveal the climactic ending to the J.J. Abrams-scripted …

A decade ago, J.J. Abrams wrote the script for Superman: Flyby, a Superman origin movie that was to be directed by Brett Ratner or McG. Although this particular film was never made, with Warner Bros. instead producing Superman Returns, storyboard and concept art for the script exist, including a blow-by-blow of the… » 4/14/13 5:00pm 4/14/13 5:00pm

Robert Downey Jr. was almost Lex Luthor?

In an interview with The Playlist, director McG — who was once attached to a big-budget Superman movie — revealed that Tony Stark himself had actually signed to play the villainous Lex Luthor. » 2/24/12 7:15am 2/24/12 7:15am

Why McG's new romcom is secretly a Star Trek movie

Today is Valentine's Day, a holiday which commemorates the armistice between global cacao manufacturers and the prophylactic industry after their centuries-long shadow war. To capitalize on this day of demure remembrance, the popcorn-industrial complex has released This Means War, a new motion picture event by… » 2/14/12 12:40pm 2/14/12 12:40pm

Is Hollywood going overboard with science fiction movies?

Hollywood has gone into a science fiction feeding frenzy in the past week, with several new scifi movies getting greenlit. The success of Battle: Los Angeles, on top of Avatar, Star Trek and others, put dollar signs in everyone's eyes. » 3/17/11 4:00pm 3/17/11 4:00pm

X-Men: First Class is planning some seriously crazy stunts. Plus the…

The young mutants of X-Men: First Class explain why the movie focuses on more obscure characters. Martin Sheen is amazed with the new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. Plus a new Prometheus love interest, a massive Doctor Who roundup, and much more! » 3/15/11 6:00am 3/15/11 6:00am

Angst and the Undead: The CW greenlights a zombie drama

Two networks are following in The Walking Dead's footsteps. The CW is developing The Awakening, a show about two sisters dealing with their relationship and a zombie apocalypse. And NBC's developing a show from McG's production company, Zombies vs. Vampires. » 1/28/11 12:32pm 1/28/11 12:32pm

Science fiction fans rejoice! McG is directing a romantic comedy

Terminator Salvation director McG was in the running to direct the zombie cop film R.I.P.D., an adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel. But the L.A. Times reports he's going to be too busy directing his romantic comedy project, This Means War, which means R.I.P.D. could fall to director Robert Schwentke (who's… » 8/13/10 4:01pm 8/13/10 4:01pm

NBC nabs Zombies Vs. Vampires buddy-cop TV series

Remember when Zombieland was almost a CBS TV series? Looks like network TV is still interested in the undead. NBC wants to make a "fun buddy cop procedural" starring a vamp and a human, policing zombies. [Deadline and zombie-liquorice] » 8/09/10 2:20pm 8/09/10 2:20pm

Elizabeth Banks to play Disney's real life Tinkerbell

Elizabeth Banks is set to star in McG's live-action Tinkerbell movie, Tink. Quick, everyone shout, "There's No Such Things As Fairies!", and maybe this pixie movie will die off. » 7/15/10 8:00am 7/15/10 8:00am

Everybody in Hollywood should follow McG's example

McG made one truly great movie — Charlie's Angels is a masterpiece, one I'll defend with my dying breath. And after watching The A-Team, I was reminded that Hollywood could still take some lessons from McG on making nostalgia porn. » 6/11/10 12:40pm 6/11/10 12:40pm

David Fincher To Tackle Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Remake

A while back, Disney scrapped Terminator Salvation director McG's darker version of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Now Disney's talking with a new director, David Fincher of Fight Club and Se7en. His oeuvre ain't sunshine and rainbows. » 5/16/10 2:15pm 5/16/10 2:15pm

McG Gets Back On The Scifi Horse, Rebooting La Femme Nikita

TV series La Femme Nikita is getting a full-fledged reboot with McG. This great news, since McG's current TV productions include Supernatural and Chuck. Pair that with his secret-agent know-how directing Charlie's Angels, and Nikita may have a chance. » 1/28/10 7:00am 1/28/10 7:00am

Even Sheena Easton Understands That Time Travel Creates Alternate…

I wish Sheena Easton would sit McG down and explain time travel to him. In this terrible Outer Limits episode, she understands perfectly that when someone traveled back and changed her future, it created an alternate universe... of adult-contemporary music. » 12/22/09 5:00pm 12/22/09 5:00pm

McG Announces Two More Terminator Movies, Reality May Have Other Plans

Last night, Gizmodo's Jason Chen listened to director McG's Blu-Ray livecommentary for Terminator Salvation so that you didn't have to. You can read the whole thing here, but if you're in a rush, here're the, uh, highlights. » 12/06/09 10:30am 12/06/09 10:30am

Disney Beaches Captain Nemo

McG's planned reboot of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea has been put on hold by Disney, and McG is no longer attached to direct the project, according to Variety. Maybe they saw how well he treated the Terminator franchise. » 11/17/09 10:10am 11/17/09 10:10am

What If Moviemakers Swapped Franchises?

The problem with big movie franchises is that you always know what to expect; it's always the same guys making the same movies. But what if you swapped creators and movie franchises around? Here's what'd work - and what wouldn't. » 11/10/09 2:30pm 11/10/09 2:30pm

Terminator Salvation Deleted Scene: Is This What The Fuss Was All…

You might remember last spring, McG talked up Moon Bloodgood's topless scene in Terminator Salvation, which the studio suits wanted him to remove from the film. And now that scene is out... and it's pretty boring. Oh, possibly NSFW. » 10/30/09 4:30pm 10/30/09 4:30pm

Terminator Salvation Director's Cut: Only On Blu-Ray?

If you're hoping that the R-Rated version of Terminator Salvation will rescue the film from the choppy mediocrity of the theatrical release, then we have two pieces of bad news for you: The "director's cut" will only be on the two-disc Blu-Ray version, not the single-disc DVD. And it's only three minutes longer than… » 9/10/09 1:27pm 9/10/09 1:27pm

Will Terminator Salvation Be Good On DVD?

While McG's Terminator Salvation may have broken hearts and failed at the box office when it was released in theaters in May, disappointed fans may want to check out the DVD anyway: It's the R-rated version we were originally promised. » 8/28/09 6:30am 8/28/09 6:30am