Indiana Jones' Bid for Tenure Has Been Rejected

Over at McSweeney's, Andy Bryan has written a brilliant piece titled, quite simply, "Back From Yet Another Globetrotting Adventure, Indiana Jones Checks His Mail And Discovers That His Bid For Tenure Has Been Denied." It is amazing. » 10/08/12 3:46pm 10/08/12 3:46pm

Space travel survival supplies to harness your inner Spaceman Spiff

Being an imaginary astronaut doesn't require much in the way of materials goods — just an unerring love of the cosmos and occasional access to a cardboard box. But if your interplanetary imagination needs a little boost, 826's Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company offers products to keep your spacefaring alter ego… » 12/17/11 9:30am 12/17/11 9:30am