That time Spider-Man accidentally let a sad old man in a bowtie be god

For all that Spider-Man likes to be reffered to as the Amazing Spider-Man or the Spectacular Spider-Man, there are a lot moments when Spider-Man was neither amazing nor spectaular. In fact, there have been plenty of times that the Sub-par Spider-Man would have been more accurate, or even the Shitty Spider-Man. I'm… »1/18/13 4:00pm1/18/13 4:00pm


20 Gobots That Remind Us Why the Gobots Sucked So Incredibly Hard

The Gobots have never had it easy. These transforming robot toy contemporaries of the Transformers were always seen as second-class... uh, transforming robot toys in the '80s; Tonka's cheap knock-offs to Hasbro's real deal, even though the Gobots came out slightly before the Transformers (...because Tonka rushed to… »1/15/13 1:40pm1/15/13 1:40pm