Lost episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos takes us to the Meat Planet

Fans of Carl Sagan's cherished 1980 astronomy miniseries Cosmos rejoice! A lost fourteenth episode — about the awe-inspiring Meat Planet — has been found after decades of neglect. In this rediscovered footage, such geological features as the gristly mantle and Mount Sustenance are given their documentary due.… »12/01/11 5:55pm12/01/11 5:55pm

California Store Sells Beef Jerky Reclaimed from Cows Mutilated by Aliens

Maybe you've heard of the Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker, California, where you can buy tasty, dried strips of beef taken from the carcasses of cows abducted and mutilated by aliens. It's the ultimate in recycling, actually - the aliens do their experiments, and people driving the highway through Baker get a tasty… »1/12/09 12:30pm1/12/09 12:30pm