FIFA's New World Cup Ball Is The Fastest And Most Aeodynamic Yet

When the 2014 FIFA World Cup gets started on June 12 in Brazil, the world's greatest soccer players will be booting around one of the most advanced balls ever created for the sport — and the science proves it. » 6/02/14 2:51pm 6/02/14 2:51pm

Holy Crap -- These Engineers Are Fighting Bushfires with Explosives

Bushfires are one of the most deadly and destructive natural disasters in Australia — they can move at incredible speeds and wipe out a town in minutes. Now a team of engineers believe that they can fight these fires by blasting them with explosive force. In this video, you can see how it works. » 5/21/14 1:50pm 5/21/14 1:50pm

Proposed 4-dimensional crystal clock will keep perfect time even after…

Scientists say that a perpetual motion machine is physically impossible, but a research team at the University of California Berkeley has just outlined an idea that comes pretty damn close. By proposing a 4D "space-time crystal," the engineers have designed a device that would operate at its lowest quantum energy… » 9/25/12 6:50am 9/25/12 6:50am

For Just $285,000, You Can Have Your Jetpack

Known as Fusion Man, he's the Swiss Eval Knieval of the air, and yesterday he plunged to earth 7500 feet from an airplane at over 180 miles an hour, buoyed only by four jets strapped to his back. But in reality, he's just a pilot named Yves Rossi who built the jet wings himself — to the tune of about $258,000 dollars » 5/15/08 11:43am 5/15/08 11:43am