Today's Best Media Deals: Complete Cowboy Bebop, Jurassic Park, & More

The must-own Cowboy Bebop Complete Series Blu-ray has dropped down to its lowest price ever today on Amazon. Even if you aren’t usually into anime, it’s worth giving this one a try. And if you have seen it, the Blu-ray’s worth it for the extras alone. [Cowboy Bebop, $30] » 7/01/15 10:45am 57 minutes ago

Today's Best Media Deals: Cowboy Bebop, Studio Ghibli, and More

Cowboy Bebop has one of the most popular anime in the western hemisphere over the last couple of decades, and if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s only $7 on Amazon today. Be sure to check out Kotaku’s review if you’re on the fence. [Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, $7] » 6/29/15 10:20am Monday 10:20am

Today's Best Media Deals: Jurassic Park Digital Rental, and a Lot More

If you just saw Jurassic World and want to relive the original Jurassic Park, you can rent it in HD for just $1 on Amazon right now, or buy it for $8. Once you pay for the rental, you’ll have 30 days to start it, so you won’t need to schedule an impromptu Wednesday movie night if you take advantage. [Jurassic Park HD… » 6/17/15 10:45am 6/17/15 10:45am

Once Again, The Media Is Overhyping The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

“There does not appear to be evidence that chocolate should be avoided in terms of impact on cardiovascular risk.” So conclude the authors of a report published Monday in the august medical journal Heart. Their takeaway is decidedly unsexy (takeaways from well-conducted health studies, which the aforementioned… » 6/16/15 2:27pm 6/16/15 2:27pm

Silicon Valley Had Exactly the Right Ending This Season

“Two Day of the Condor” is one of the strongest episodes of Silicon Valley yet, turning California labor law and server stability into compelling television. It didn’t have the equivalent of last year’s perfect dick joke, but it had something better: Dramatic tension, and sweet lady justice. » 6/15/15 3:22pm 6/15/15 3:22pm

Buy Select Blu-Rays, Get Jurassic World Fandango Credit

If you’re planning on seeing Jurassic World in theaters, you can get $7.50 in Fandango movie cash towards your ticket with the purchase of select Blu-rays from Best Buy. Options include (but are by no means limited to) the original Jurassic Park films, so you can get caught up before heading to the theater. [$7.50 in… » 6/12/15 9:15pm 6/12/15 9:15pm

Today's Best Media Deals: Game of Thrones Seasons 1-4, and a Lot More

This deal is so hot, it must be a sacrifice to the Red God. Amazon’s currently offering up the first four seasons of Game of Thrones for $105, which is nearly $40 less than buying them separately. It’s a Gold Box deal though, meaning this price is only available today, or until sold out. [Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-4… » 6/12/15 10:45am 6/12/15 10:45am

Today's Best Media Deals: 30 For 30, Jurassic Park Gift Box, and More

Amazon is overflowing with great deals on Blu-ray collections, including an ESPN 30 for 30 box set for $23, a Jurassic Park Trilogy gift set, and a Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection. With the exception of the 30 for 30 set, these are Gold Box deals, meaning their prices are only available today, or until sold out. » 6/10/15 10:45am 6/10/15 10:45am

Today's Best Media Deals: The Wire, Fox Searchlight Collection, & More

The Wire isn’t just one of the best TV shows ever made, it’s probably one of the greatest works of art produced in the last century. The whole series has been remastered in HD, and you can get the complete series Blu-ray for a new low price toady. [Preorder The Wire: The Complete Series, $86] » 6/09/15 10:45am 6/09/15 10:45am

Today's Best Media Deals: Untold History of the USA, Firefly, and More

Oliver Stone’s widely-lauded The Untold History of the United States shows you the darker parts of American History that you probably didn’t see in textbooks, and the complete Blu-ray featuring all 640 minutes of the series are is down to a new low price today on Amazon. [The Untold History of the United States, $29]
» 6/04/15 10:45am 6/04/15 10:45am