At MIT, engineers are taught that scifi is crucial to do good science

MIT is one of the premiere science and technology universities in the United States. And now students there are being asked to consider the consequences of their inventions — by reading science fiction in class. Over at The Atlantic, Rebecca Rosen has a terrific interview with the creators of this innovative course. »9/20/13 6:40pm9/20/13 6:40pm

An "Emotional Robot" Shows How It Feels — and Is Creepily Convincing

This is a next-generation "emotional robot" named Nexi, who can move its body, hands, and face in a way that suggest human emotion. Created by world-famous roboticist Cynthia Breazeal's group at the MIT Media Lab, Nexi manages to be both weirdly cute and disturbingly emotive. Sure, she "emotes" in a cartoonish way,… »4/02/08 10:00am4/02/08 10:00am