The Artificial Virus with Nanotech Tentacles

The first artificial virus was created in 2003 — to cure people, not kill them. A virus can deliver cures to cells just as easily as it delivers death. The problem with artificial viruses is that no one has been able to make them the proper shape to serve as a therapeutic delivery system. But now, Korean scientists… » 5/21/08 8:00am 5/21/08 8:00am

Meet the Bacteria that Will Cause the Next Pandemic

It could be the beginning of a new global pandemic. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease spread from animals to humans through water contaminated by infected urine. In severe cases, it can lead to liver failure, kidney failure, meningitis and eventually death. While it's been contained historically through screening… » 4/07/08 2:40pm 4/07/08 2:40pm

Nanopaper Can Identify Deadly Bacteria in the Water

Worried about the bacteria in your water? Just dip a test-strip coated with a special mix of nanoparticles into your glass, and watch the result. If the strip changes color, don't drink. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts have devised a way to instantly identify… » 4/04/08 7:40am 4/04/08 7:40am

"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is an Epic of After-Market Body Parts

Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of the two organ repossession movies coming out this year, and now it's gone viral with a creepy-looking donation poster (jump below see it) urging you to give until it hurts. This "Warnerian-Rocky Horror-meets-Bladerunner musical" takes place in a future where… » 1/21/08 8:30am 1/21/08 8:30am