Microscopic machines could produce medicine directly inside your body

Futurists have long speculated that nanotechnology — the engineering of materials and devices at the molecular scale — will eventually revolutionize virtually every field it touches. While we're not there yet, we're reminded every once in a while of the tremendous potential that nanotechnology holds, especially when… »6/29/12 8:00pm6/29/12 8:00pm

A Virtual Cabinet of Beautiful and Bizarre Medical Antiques

Dr. Laurie Slater's Phisick.com was recently given an overhaul, and the results are stunning. The archive is a gorgeous repository of antique medical, surgical and dental instruments filled with pictures and insights into their use. Physick, which is a 16th century term for medicine, started with only a handful of… »6/25/12 1:20pm6/25/12 1:20pm