Tiny 'Nanoneedles' Could Help Your Damaged Organs Repair Themselves

In a trial involving mice, an international team of researchers used microscopic "nanoneedles" to coax the body into generating new blood vessels. Applied to humans, the technology could eventually be used to get organs and nerves to repair themselves. » 3/30/15 1:40pm Monday 1:40pm

Incredible CT Scans Show What's Happening Inside A Body In Motion

The next wave of CT scanners combines motion correction technology and organ-wide coverage to limit radiation exposure — while also obtaining hi-res images of soft tissue, organs and bones as they move within the body. Translation: They can acquire remarkable images of your insides in motion. Here's the proof. » 1/14/15 12:00pm 1/14/15 12:00pm

New Supercooling Technique Extends Shelf Life Of Transplant Organs

By using the active ingredient in antifreeze, researchers from Harvard University have developed a 'supercooling' technique that triples the length of time a rat's liver can be stored outside the body prior to transplantation. The technique, should it work on human organs, could revolutionize how transplants are done. » 6/30/14 11:40am 6/30/14 11:40am

Humanity Is Now Officially Ready For Suspended Animation

Surgeons from the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are set to begin suspended animation trials by dramatically cooling down trauma victims in an effort to keep them alive during critical operations. » 5/26/14 1:00pm 5/26/14 1:00pm

This Is How Wearable Computing Will Revolutionize Healthcare

Clinical settings and emergency rooms will never look the same once augmented reality and other collaborative devices finally make their much vaunted appearance. And as this new video from Wearable Intelligence shows, it could even save our lives. » 4/10/14 4:00pm 4/10/14 4:00pm

This migrane preventing space tiara was just approved by the FDA

Fantastic news for people who suffer regularly from migraine headaches. The FDA has just approved a wearable electrical stimulation device for sales in the United States — a headband that prevents the onset of migraines when worn for just 20 minutes each day. » 3/13/14 4:00pm 3/13/14 4:00pm

Meet the Teams Who Are Building the World's First Medical Tricorder

Wouldn't it be amazing if we all had a personal medical scanning device like Star Trek's tricorder? Now the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is hoping to make it happen. We spoke to some contestants to learn how they're planning to win part of the $10 million in prize money. » 3/13/14 11:00am 3/13/14 11:00am

This worm-inspired glue can mend broken hearts

Inspired by nature, medical scientists have developed a flexible and biocompatible light-activated glue that works on wet tissue. And remarkably, it's as strong as traditional sutures. » 1/14/14 10:20am 1/14/14 10:20am

Controversial womb transplants are nearly ready for primetime

Doctors in Sweden say nine women have successfully received transplanted wombs and will soon try to become pregnant. But the radical new procedure, which relies on donations from living relatives, has its critics. » 1/13/14 8:40am 1/13/14 8:40am

How Combat Medicine is Fighting to Keep More Troops Alive

When a nation sends its citizens to war, there are few things more important than providing the best treatment possible after they get injured in the line of duty. Thankfully, combat medicine has responded and evolved, steadily improving the survival chances of those injured on the battlefield. » 10/25/13 12:30pm 10/25/13 12:30pm

This robotic snake will slither through your body in search of tumors —…

Engineers from OC Robotics in Bristol, U.K., have taken us one step closer to a Prometheus-style med pod — and one that might be just as creepy. At the recently concluded International Conference on Oncological Engineering, the developers unveiled a prototype medical robot that will soon help surgeons reach deep… » 9/24/12 2:40pm 9/24/12 2:40pm

New device will let doctors perform surgery without breaking the skin

On Star Trek, surgeons can perform complicated operations without so much as cutting into the patient — and soon this could be the case in real life, as well. Researchers at Caltech have developed a new visualization technique, where highly focused light and ultrasound are applied to illuminate the body's interior,… » 6/28/12 1:33pm 6/28/12 1:33pm

BrainPort Device Lets The Blind Use Their Taste Buds To See

BrainPort, created by neuroscientists at Wicab, Inc., may allow the blind to restore part of their sight by routing sensory information through a different receptor. Using a digital camera and specialized "lollipop", the blind can actually see with their tongues. » 8/15/09 4:00pm 8/15/09 4:00pm

Tired Of Eye Drops? Try These Drug-Dispensing Contact Lenses

Are you one of those people that gets squeamish when you have to put eye-drops in? Good news! A new type of contact lens can deliver eye medication with no fuss all day, every day for 30 days. » 7/21/09 3:30pm 7/21/09 3:30pm

Replacement Joint Coating Brings Us One Step Closer To The Reign Of The…

Scientists in Israel have come up with a way to cover prosthetics and joint replacements with a human tissue-like coating. A new application of a 200 year old electroplating process might be the future of complication-free joint replacements. » 6/30/09 2:05pm 6/30/09 2:05pm

Chemical Nose Can "Smell" Cancer

The next wave of cancer diagnosis techniques might rely on a newly-invented chemical nose. The nose can sniff out different types of cancer by detecting any abnormal cells developing in your body. » 6/24/09 3:00pm 6/24/09 3:00pm

Your iPhone Could Become A Medical Tricorder

Any smart phone can become a medical imaging scanner, performing biopsies and imaging scans on the fly, with the help of a small USB plug-in, say researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. » 4/23/09 2:00pm 4/23/09 2:00pm

NASA's Space-Age Cancer Bra Lives On

In the 1970s, NASA had more than Mars on its mind. NASA Administrator James C. Fletcher (and friends) filed a patent for a brassiere that could detect breast cancer in 1976. For some reason, NASA's massive bra project never made it to the marketplace, but it's inspired a new generation of medical bra-makers to try… » 8/15/08 12:40pm 8/15/08 12:40pm

NASA Wants To Slice Your Brain With Nanoknife

Carbon nano-tubes aren't just gorgeous, they might also save your brain one day. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is teaming up with a cancer center, City Of Hope, to develop a new minimally invasive type of brain surgery using carbon nanotubes. Researchers hope that these sharp-tipped tubes, 50,000 times narrower… » 1/24/08 2:30pm 1/24/08 2:30pm