The Inspiration For Disney's Robin Hood Wasn't Actually Robin Hood

Andrew E. Larsen is an historian who specializes in Medieval England and blogs about pop culture and history at An Historian Goes to the Movies. In "Disney's Robin Hood: A Bit More Medieval Than You Might Think," Larsen explores the film's true inspiration, which wasn't Robin Hood but a different medieval tale. »9/20/14 3:00pm9/20/14 3:00pm

Who knew illuminated manuscripts contained so many fart and poop jokes?

There's plenty of silliness sitting in the margins of illuminated manuscripts, and the Tumblr The Discarded Image collects some of the goofiest of the goofy: cats licking their junk, murderous bunny rabbits, prankster monkeys, amorous animals, and tongue-wagging jokesters. But perhaps the highlight of blog is its… »4/14/13 2:00pm4/14/13 2:00pm

Using Tree Rings to Determine the Start of the Medieval Dark Ages

The science of dendrochronology observes changes in the pattern of tree rings in an attempt to create a time line and infer climate changes. Using tree ring data, it is possible to link the past 11,000 years in parts of Germany & Northern Ireland, but only the past few centuries in other parts of the world. »2/10/12 10:00am2/10/12 10:00am

The earliest public health initiatives included inoculation via scabs and sea-sponge toilet paper

Public health initiatives have been a major benefit of living in the 20th and 21st centuries. They've spared many of us from terrible communicable diseases, ensured we live past childhood, and helped cause human life expectancy to increase by 18 years worldwide in the past 50 years alone. »10/03/11 3:42pm10/03/11 3:42pm