The Mysterious "Accidental Mummies" of Medieval Siberia

Russian archaeologists are once again digging at Zeleniy Yar, a remote excavation site near the Arctic circle. This same site produced nearly a dozen extraordinary mummies a few years ago — including unintentionally preserved corpses wearing copper masks. The researchers are now hoping to learn more about this… » 4/14/14 9:40am 4/14/14 9:40am

Romanian archaeologists uncover medieval skeletons holding hands

Archaeologists working in Romania’s Transylvania region have discovered a young male and female skeleton from the late Middle Ages who were buried facing each other and holding hands. Locals have dubbed the couple “Romeo and Juliet,” but historians have their own take on the unique double burial. » 4/25/13 6:20am 4/25/13 6:20am