Lifehacker and io9 New York Meetup This Thursday, December 11th

A few members of the Lifehacker and io9 staff (Whitson, Alan, Andy, Annalee, Charlie Jane, Meredith, and Katharine) are in New York this week, and we want to get together with you guys and have some drinks. If you're in Manhattan (or nearby), come join us at the Magician on the lower east side on Thursday, December… »12/08/14 2:01pm12/08/14 2:01pm


Meet io9 editor Annalee Newitz tonight in Melbourne, Australia!

It's the very last stop on my book tour, and of course it's in the fine city of Melbourne, Victoria. I'm discussing my book, Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction, at the Wheeler Centre on July 4, from 6:15-7:15. Also, we'll have an io9 meetup afterwards! We're gathering at Sister Bella »7/03/13 8:12pm7/03/13 8:12pm

Location Changed! Come hear io9's Charlie Jane Anders read in NYC with Brian Slattery

If you're in New York tomorrow evening, you should stop by the Soho Gallery for the Digital Arts around 6:30, when Charlie Jane Anders will be reading from her novelette "Six Months, Three Days" with Lost Everything author Brian Francis Slattery. This is part of the long-running and illustrious New York Review of… »5/21/12 9:40am5/21/12 9:40am

Win backstage passes to New York's American Museum of Natural History, plus cocktails with scientists!

Going to one of the largest and most dazzling collections devoted to the history and diversity of life on our planet is exciting enough. But going behind closed doors for a private lab tour with brilliant scientists? How about an open bar? Join us backstage at New York's incredible American Museum of Natural History. »8/15/11 12:05pm8/15/11 12:05pm