In case you missed it, we're having a New York meetup with our sister site Lifehacker tonight at the Magician on the Lower East Side, starting at 7 PM. Come have a drink with us! » 12/11/14 10:10am 12/11/14 10:10am

Come party with us! If you're in San Francisco on Tues. Dec. 2, we wanna meet you. io9 is having a meet-up at Borderlands Cafe @ 870 Valencia, from 6 to 8 PM. We will eat all the cookies. Don't miss it! » 11/21/14 3:10pm 11/21/14 3:10pm

TRON: Legacy Reader Meetups in SF, NYC and Everywhere Else TODAY

Lifehacker, io9 and Gizmodo want to watch TRON: Legacy with readers in San Francisco, New York and everywhere else. Cosplay if you can. There may be a beer in it for you afterwards. » 11/26/10 11:05am 11/26/10 11:05am