See the Submerged Ruins of Cleopatra's Palace in Egypt's Underwater Museum

In a few years, you may be able to see Alexandria the way it once was — deep beneath the sea. The areas of classical Alexandria that contained the ancient world's biggest library along with Cleopatra's palace have sunk beneath the waves, but now it looks as if the United Nations may step in and help Egypt show off… »9/18/08 1:19pm9/18/08 1:19pm

Remains of a 1500-Year-Old City Uncovered in Amazonian Jungle

A 1500-year-old Amazonian city, full of artificial lakes, large public plazas, and agricultural regions (including fish farms), is being excavated and mapped for the first time in modern memory. Until recently, the remains of the ancient city had been almost completely hidden by jungle. A group of Brazilian and U.S.… »8/28/08 7:09pm8/28/08 7:09pm