Best Engineering Photography of 2012 Is Explosively Awesome

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than the sight of a city being built — or destroyed. And that's the point of the photographs in the Engineering News-Record's collection of the best photographs from last year. Check out some incredible shots of enormous machines, magnificent engineering projects, and the people… »3/14/13 2:02am3/14/13 2:02am


Driving through the world's longest road tunnel is a trip through hyperspace

Completed in 2000, Norway's fifteen-mile-long Lærdal Tunnel cuts through a mountain range near the village of Lærdalsøyri. To ease drivers' claustrophobia and to prevent the underground monotony from lulling motorists to sleep, the tunnel is punctuated with a series of caverns designed to resemble impending daylight —… »7/31/12 7:30pm7/31/12 7:30pm

Old photos of the Statue of Liberty standing in Paris were extraordinarily surreal

In science fiction filmdom, the destruction of the Statue of Liberty is merely a sign that the carnage is chugging along at a steady tack. But reality provides some equally strange views of Lady Liberty, particularly when she was under construction in Paris during the mid-1880s. Here are some curious photographs of… »6/21/12 3:30pm6/21/12 3:30pm

Finland’s brilliant plan for dealing with nuclear waste: pulling a Keyser Söze

After decades of planning and $12 billions of investment, the United States grand plan to dispose of the nation's nuclear waste in Nevada's remote Yucca Mountain melted down in political rancor like... well, kind of like a nuclear plant melting down. The Obama Administration pulled the plug on funding the project… »5/13/12 11:00am5/13/12 11:00am

Watch James Cameron's new CGI model of the Titanic sinking

As part of an upcoming documentary commemorating the one-hundredth anniversary of the Titanic disaster, National Geographic has released this updated animation of the sea-liner's collapse by noted detail stickler James Cameron. Using forensic data from the wreckage, Cameron and his team have amended the ship's 1912… »4/05/12 9:20pm4/05/12 9:20pm

New York City's new subway line looks like the set of Alien

New York City's Second Avenue Subway isn't scheduled to open until 2016, but the Metropolitan Transit Authority has just released photos of the construction in progress. That's a picture of a massive hole — inside which you could host an entire demolition derby — somewhere under 72nd Street. Mind-blowing. Hat tip to… »2/27/12 7:10pm2/27/12 7:10pm

Too bad this one-million-person city from New York to San Francisco was never built

Otherwise, we could pretend we were living in a Judge Dredd storyline. This 1969 design by Alan Boutwell and Mike Mitchell — the aptly titled Continuous city for 1.000.000 human beings — never took off, but this design and other fanciful megastructures offer a glimpse into an arcology-filled future the past never… »12/13/11 5:05pm12/13/11 5:05pm

10 Mega-Construction Projects That Could Save the Environment — and the Economy

We humans are builders. One of the ways we leave a mark on the universe is by creating massive structures that show that some opposable digits have been here. So when things get tough, like due to an economic meltdown or a cascading environmental crisis, what can we do but build? »11/29/11 1:45pm11/29/11 1:45pm