Massive Flood of Toxic Ash Swallows Tennessee Area, Heads to Mississippi River

A pond of fly ash sludge at a Tennessee coal plant was breached earlier this week, and the toxic ash flooded out over 2.6 million cubic yards of the local landscape. This makes it officially larger than the Exxon Valez spill in terms of sheer size, though there's a big difference between the effects of this fly ash… »12/24/08 4:19pm12/24/08 4:19pm

Photon Farming in the Vast Solar Fields of Northern China

This is an aerial view of China's future — vast solar farms that developers hope will fuel the industrial nation, as well as cut down on its choking smog problem. This solar photovoltaic power station, the largest of its type in northwest China, is currently under construction in Xining of Qinghai Province. Instead… »11/03/08 2:02pm11/03/08 2:02pm

A Fleet of 1500 Cloud-Seeding Ships Could Stop Global Warming, Say Scientists

Using a fleet of 1500 wind-powered ships that cruise the oceans autonomously, spraying massive plumes of salt water into the air, we could reverse the effects of global warming within years. So says John Latham, a researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, U.S., who has worked with… »9/08/08 2:20pm9/08/08 2:20pm

Scifi's Greatest Space Builders — And How We'll Copy Them

Click to view »8/18/08 1:20pm8/18/08 1:20pmOne day, when you hear someone is a construction worker, you'll have to ask whether he or she wears a spacesuit on the job. We're already assembling massive structures in space - like the International Space Station and Dextre, that got built in space this past spring - but space construction will soon…

Giant Machines That Eat Garbage (and the People Who Feed Them)

Garbage disposal factories are the unsung heroes of the giant machine world. With everybody excited about Pixar's upcoming garbage robot flick Wall-E, it's time to meet some real-life garbage machines. Some are glistening high tech towers, like this waste disposal/power plant in Vienna. Others are surprisingly… »2/08/08 5:00pm2/08/08 5:00pm

A Water Bottle for Giant Monsters Showed Up Yesterday in Sao Paulo

No, it's not really a wine cooler for Cloverfield. It's an art installation by Eduardo Srur on the banks of Sao Paulo's most polluted river, which was also the recent site of a toxic fashion show. Srur doesn't want to make the Tiete river chic, though — he wants to warn people of the dangers of pollution from… »1/31/08 4:23pm1/31/08 4:23pm

Giant Tree-Powered Machine Supplies Energy, Air to Madrid

This industrial environmentalist building/machine in Madrid is packed with solar cells and trees, and will apparently generate enough energy to sell to local electric companies. Called an "Air Tree," and created by Urban Ecosystems, the mega-device is supposed to have a significantly beneficial impact on the climate.… »1/24/08 6:30pm1/24/08 6:30pm