Giant Crystals Create an Alien Landscape

This photo looks like it could have been taken on another planet - miners harvesting dilithium, perhaps. But this cave full of monstrous crystals is located in Mexico, and the crystals themselves are a form of gypsum, one of the most common elements on Earth. What geologic processes caused the crystals to get so… » 10/23/08 10:10am 10/23/08 10:10am

Earth Angry, Sends Sarlaccs to Eat Humanity in Giant Texas Sinkhole

It was only a matter of time. After drilling Mother Earth and exploiting her oil resources for centuries, the planet is retaliating. A sinkhole 260 feet deep and 900 feet long has opened up in Daisetta Texas, swallowing Telephone poles, tractors, and oil drilling equipment. The hole was still growing as of Thursday,… » 5/09/08 1:00pm 5/09/08 1:00pm