The Sound of Greenland's Glaciers Shattering

It's one thing to see pictures of Greenland's ice sheets growing cracks and slowly crumbling into the water. But the whole process takes on a visceral, terrifying quality when you watch the two movies we've got for you below the jump: One is the result of a researcher recording a glacier breakup, then speeding up the… » 10/17/08 10:42am 10/17/08 10:42am

Journey to the REAL Center of the Earth

This Friday sees the release of Journey to the Center of the Earth, the second major film adaptation of Jules Verne's groundbreaking 1864 novel. While director Eric Brevig's sweet 3D imagery depicts the Earth's core as a biosphere in a bubble of lava, the real center of the Earth might be even more fascinating. We've… » 7/10/08 1:21pm 7/10/08 1:21pm

View the Seeds of our Destruction in a Google Earth Mashup

Nothing says "massive destructive force" like the rocks exhumed from two kilometers down in the earthquake-causing San Andreas Fault. Mangled and twisted by the fault's awesome power, these rocks help you understand why a flick of this fault's little finger is enough to flatten entire cities. And now you can see them… » 5/30/08 12:40pm 5/30/08 12:40pm

Kilauea Volcano Restarts Its Fires, Spews Strange New Ash

A crater on the ever-active Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has started to spew a huge plume of ash. The recent explosion, which shut down roads in the area, may be a harbinger of even bigger explosions to come. Above, you can see what happened a few years ago when things got explodey on Kilauea. We've got pictures of the… » 3/26/08 2:00pm 3/26/08 2:00pm