View the Seeds of our Destruction in a Google Earth Mashup

Nothing says "massive destructive force" like the rocks exhumed from two kilometers down in the earthquake-causing San Andreas Fault. Mangled and twisted by the fault's awesome power, these rocks help you understand why a flick of this fault's little finger is enough to flatten entire cities. And now you can see them… »5/30/08 3:40pm5/30/08 3:40pm

Kilauea Volcano Restarts Its Fires, Spews Strange New Ash

A crater on the ever-active Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has started to spew a huge plume of ash. The recent explosion, which shut down roads in the area, may be a harbinger of even bigger explosions to come. Above, you can see what happened a few years ago when things got explodey on Kilauea. We've got pictures of the… »3/26/08 5:00pm3/26/08 5:00pm