Classic video game characters, drawn in the style of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock art

Artist Jed Henry has taken famous characters from the video game console pantheon and reconfigured them as samurais on centuries-old Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints. The results are pretty clever — I'm liking how Mega Man's defeated robot masters have become a cloud of oni. Henry's not done with this series yet, as… » 5/18/12 6:30am 5/18/12 6:30am

What if Mega Man received his own gritty live-action film?

There have been plenty of live-action video game movies pumped out by Hollywood, with the aggressively bizarre Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. adaptations being the house favorites here at io9. And one iconic gaming character to completely eschew the film treatment is Mega Man, that plucky blue cyborg who can… » 4/05/12 8:30am 4/05/12 8:30am

Suffering Scifi Duos Bond over their Adorable Shared Pain

Life isn't easy if you're a genetic experiment. Or an expendable minion, a powerful being wedged into an itty-bitty living space, or a recently downgraded scientific entity. Fortunately, it's a little easier to bear the pain if you've got someone in a similar situation to share the load. » 2/10/12 4:00pm 2/10/12 4:00pm

Robot Boys Exaggerated…

Trailer for Mega Man Fan Movie Filled with Robot on Robot Violence

Director Eddie Lebron announced this summer that he was producing the » 11/23/08 1:00pm 11/23/08 1:00pm definitive Mega Man fan movie, based on the original video game for the Nintendo. This weekend, he released the film's full-length trailer, which introduces the movie's back story, shows off its multicolored battle robots, and gives us a taste of…

Entertainment Industry: Please Stop Pandering To My Generation!

When did I first realize that Generation-X nostalgia was a driving the entertainment industry off a cliff? First all the toys I'd broken were suddenly on the big screen, thrashing each other and cursing loudly. Then the cartoons I learned to masturbate while watching were being acted out - with gravitas - by real… » 7/16/08 9:00am 7/16/08 9:00am