Jon Pertwee's TARDIS Is Looking Much The Worse For Wear

Apparently this is the actual TARDIS prop used by Doctor Who back in the Jon Pertwee era — which seems believable, since it was pretty battered-looking back in 1971 and the intervening decades probably haven't been kind. Makes me kind of nostalgic for the days when the TARDIS was less imposing and shiny. » 1/27/15 4:04am 1/27/15 4:04am

This 'bit of plastic' from Star Wars is worth £50,000

Antiques Roadshow, the venerable BBC programme about valuing the public's collections, came a cropper during a recent event in Buckinghamshire when they were shown an incredibly rare prop from the original Star Wars - which much to their surprise, is worth quite a bit of money. » 10/19/14 3:30pm 10/19/14 3:30pm

Vintage Memorabilia Celebrates The Soviet Union's Cosmonaut Dogs

The canine members of Soviet Union's space program were stars, symbols of the nation's technological future. And so, throughout the 1950s and 1960s, these pups appeared on matchbook covers, commemorative boxes, ceramics, and more. » 9/25/14 3:30pm 9/25/14 3:30pm

Guinness officially recognizes the largest Star Wars collection

Thursday, Guinness World Records released its new book, which, for the first time, included a space for the world's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia. » 9/14/13 2:30pm 9/14/13 2:30pm

You're not going to believe how much this Frankenstein poster sold for

An original 1931 poster for Frankenstein has just set a world record as the most valuable insert movie poster ever sold at auction. » 7/30/13 8:45am 7/30/13 8:45am

Rarest movie poster in the world on sale, features Frankenstein…

What's the rarest movie poster in the world? This 1935 poster for Bride of Frankenstein, which boasts a chained, philandering Boris Karloff. Only one copy is known to exist, and you can own it for a mere $700K. » 10/20/10 12:45pm 10/20/10 12:45pm