We’re done speculating how much The Force Awakens will make in its opening weekend: now it’s time to

We’re done speculating how much The Force Awakens will make in its opening weekend: now it’s time to speculate how much the toys will. Wall Street Journal reports that Star Wars merchandise could make up to $2 billion between its September launch and Christmas, squeezing out its nearest competition. »11/17/15 9:46am11/17/15 9:46am


The Outlander Coloring Book Is An Actual Thing That Exists

Don’t take that header as me being dismissive—the current “Adult coloring book” boom is a very real thing, and even Game of Thrones is getting in on it. But holy cow, Diana Gabaldon wrote an Outlander coloring book filled with gorgeous art for you to fill in. What a time to be alive! I hope you remembered what color… »10/27/15 5:30pm10/27/15 5:30pm

A Crazy Amount Of Cash Could Get You A Life-Sized He-Man Battle Cat Head

... for your wall. Ever wanted to basically do what Skeletor never could? Now’s your chance! Well, as long as you have a rather ludicrous amount of money, this massive head of poor Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe could be yours to mount above your fireplace in a mixture of sadness and pride. »7/29/15 11:30am7/29/15 11:30am

Lady Ghostbusters Means Girl-Friendly Ghostbusters Merchandise, Too!

The role of movie merchandise, and the way it doesn’t include women, has been a hot discussion topic lately, with the likes of Star Wars and Marvel coming under fire — but thankfully, it looks like the upcoming Ghostbusters films won’t have that problem, and it’s thanks to the all-lady Ghostbusting team. »6/15/15 12:00pm6/15/15 12:00pm

Scores of Marvel Fans Cosplay For Better Black Widow Representation

If you’ve been following the long saga that is Black Widow’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll know that everyone’s favourite assassin has been getting a short shrift, both on the big screen and on toy shelves. Fans have been angry for a while, but now they’re taking their grievances to the streets. »6/08/15 11:30am6/08/15 11:30am

You Can Now Own The Astrolabe From The Game Of Thrones Opening Credits

Or, as you might know it, “that spinning bronze sun thing that flies over the map while you’re humming along to the theme tune”. Yes, one of the coolest parts of Game of Thrones’ opening will soon be an elaborate display piece you put on your shelf. Perfectly for Game of Thrones though, you’ll have to buy a book to… »6/03/15 7:30pm6/03/15 7:30pm

Star Trek IV's Whales Are Now A Bobblehead, Because Why The Hell Not

Remember that bit in The Voyage Home where Spock swims with some Whales because he’s goddamn Spock and he’ll do as he pleases? Well, the maddening merchandising glory that is San Diego Comic Con will never let you forget, because said scene is now a Bobblehead that you can buy at the con. What a world. »5/28/15 8:30pm5/28/15 8:30pm

What's Behind Marvel's Campaign To Remove The X-Men From Merchandising?

It’s not too surprising that Marvel and Fox are engaged in a little “secret war” of their own, over the licensing of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. But as Fox presses forward with movies based on both properties, that war is slowly becoming public. Here’s a guide to how Marvel is trying to erase two of its biggest… »5/28/15 4:19pm5/28/15 4:19pm

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys And Merchandise Will Arrive Sept. 4 

After the recent reveal that Josh Trank is no longer directing the second Star Wars Anthology film, the folks at Starwars.com dropped some cheerful intel ahead of tomorrow’s May the Fourth geekout: all your Force Awakens swag needs (“toys, collectibles, books, and apparel”) will be met on September 4. »5/03/15 11:45am5/03/15 11:45am

A Weeping Angel Night Light Is The Ultimate Way Of Petrifying Your Kids

Although their repeated use has blunted their impact a little, Doctor Who's Weeping Angels are still capable of giving young kids (and the kids at heart) a good jump-scare now and then. What better way to remind your little loved ones of such moments of terror than ensuring they never sleep again? »4/06/15 6:14pm4/06/15 6:14pm