Gaze upon all of Mercury for the first time ever

The existence of our solar system's innermost planet has been common knowledge since ancient times, but that doesn't actually mean we've always know much about it. Mercury's proximity to the Sun has allowed it to jealously guard its secrets, and so this NASA video offers an unprecedentedly detailed view of the… » 6/16/13 11:00am 6/16/13 11:00am

OMG Mercury has water ice and organics. But what does that really mean?

Has Curiosity detected organics on Mars? Not yet, said NASA in a press conference held earlier today. But last week, the Agency presented some of the most compelling evidence to date that Sun-scorched Mercury not only hosts impressive quantities of water ice, but organic (i.e. carbon-containing) molecules. But why is… » 12/03/12 2:13pm 12/03/12 2:13pm

Mysterious "Spider Scar" on Mercury Revealed for the First Time

NASA's probe MESSENGER flew by Mercury a couple of weeks ago, and the photos have started pouring in. This is one of the most striking. Nicknamed "the spider," it's probably the result of a meteor impact with about fifty cracks radiating outward from it. Apparently, it's the only such structure in the solar system,… » 1/31/08 7:00am 1/31/08 7:00am