MESSENGER's Latest Shots Of Mercury Are Some Of The Best We've Seen

After four years in orbit around Mercury, NASA's MESSENGER mission is sadly coming to an end. But before it plunges to its doom, mission controllers are taking full advantage of the spacecraft's close proximity to the surface. Here are some of the most detailed and vivid images ever taken of the Solar System's… »3/17/15 10:00am3/17/15 10:00am

OMG Mercury has water ice and organics. But what does that really mean?

Has Curiosity detected organics on Mars? Not yet, said NASA in a press conference held earlier today. But last week, the Agency presented some of the most compelling evidence to date that Sun-scorched Mercury not only hosts impressive quantities of water ice, but organic (i.e. carbon-containing) molecules. But why is… »12/03/12 5:13pm12/03/12 5:13pm