Stop Freaking Out About Human DNA in Hot Dogs

A startup called Clear Labs has genetically tested a bunch of hot dogs, and the results are about as weird as you’d expect. Pork DNA in the turkey dogs. Chicken DNA in the veggie dogs. But then, there was this little surprise: human DNA! Human DNA in hot dogs! And from the way the press is spinning it, you’d think… »10/29/15 9:38am10/29/15 9:38am


How Scientists Will Find Your Next Antibiotic in this Pile of Dirt

Nearly a century after scientists dug up penicillin, researchers are turning once more to the soil for new pharmaceuticals. But this time, they have tiny, powerful technologies on their side. Here's how scientists are unlocking the secrets of soil microbes and discovering the next generation of medicine. »3/13/15 1:22pm3/13/15 1:22pm

Why the microbes in cow stomachs could help make biofuel

Last month I was lucky enough to visit one of the biggest genomics labs in the world. At the Joint Genome Institute (JGI) in Walnut Creek, CA, huge rooms full of genome sequencing machines work 24/7 to crunch the codes that create life. And the research here, funded by the US Department of Energy, has a purpose. The… »11/10/11 7:30pm11/10/11 7:30pm