Monkeys Dance Only to Monkey Music β€” And Metallica

In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, music bridged the gap between worlds, but music may not actually be the key to interspecies communication. Researchers have found that tamarin monkeys don't respond to human music, only music created for monkeys. » 9/02/09 9:20am 9/02/09 9:20am

Metallica Remakes "Thriller" Video with Soviet War Zombies

Metallica have created a zombie masterpiece in the music video for "All Nightmare Long," a shreddy tune expanded to prog-rock length from their recently-released album Death Magnetic. Even better is the way this nearly 10-minute movie is a kind of play on "Thriller," Michael Jackson's extra-long pop homage to… » 12/09/08 6:30am 12/09/08 6:30am