A Meteor Was Mistaken For a Sinking Ship In North West England

We often hear of people mistaking the mundane for the unusual. It's a little rarer to hear it happen the other way around. And even rarer to hear about it happening in modern times. And yet, a full-on search and rescue operation had to be called off when an SOS signal turned out to be a meteor. » 3/22/15 11:00pm 3/22/15 11:00pm

A New NASA Map Depicts 20 Years Of Fireball Events Across The Globe

Bolides, more commonly known as fireballs, are small asteroids that impact Earth's atmosphere and create very bright meteors as they disintegrate. NASA has compiled data on each and every impact around the world since 1994. » 11/21/14 6:30am 11/21/14 6:30am

The Timing Of Meteor Strikes May Not Be Random

Astronomers tend to assume that the timing of Earth-striking meteors are completely random, but a recent analysis suggests that meteor impacts are more likely to occur at certain times of the year and at certain locations. » 9/29/14 7:20am 9/29/14 7:20am

Watch Seven Years' Worth Of Meteor Showers Condensed Into Two Minutes

Need a quick escape from your day? Put on your headphones and watch this dizzying time-lapse video at full screen as meteors from years and years of showers flit across the sky. » 5/27/14 12:30pm 5/27/14 12:30pm

A Realtime Map Of The Meteoroids In Earth's Sky

Curious about just how many meteoroids are streaking through the sky above you? Wonder no more with this realtime map generator that shows you exactly how to find them. » 5/20/14 4:20pm 5/20/14 4:20pm

Fossils Give Us a Snapshot of Life Right After a Huge Meteorite Impact

About 14.6 million years ago, a meteorite over half a mile wide smashed into the Earth, creating a massive crater of melted rock. Although temperatures there were as high as 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit, researchers have found that life took hold there soon after. » 4/17/14 2:16pm 4/17/14 2:16pm

Clever bus stop ad makes people believe meteors are striking the street

If we have to get advertising everywhere, is should all be as fun as this bus shelter ad in London, where they used augmented reality to make passengers believe that meteors were striking the city or a tiger was freely roaming through the street. » 3/22/14 6:03pm 3/22/14 6:03pm

The shockwave from the Chelyabinsk meteor circled the Earth -- twice!

You know an explosion is powerful when an explosion requires a team of researchers who normally look for illicit nuclear bomb tests shift to study it. And yes, the group's results show that the Russian meteor created a big boom indeed. » 6/28/13 12:20pm 6/28/13 12:20pm

Watch this meteor tear a hole in the Argentinian sky

This past Sunday, an audience attending a rock concert near Santiago del Estero in Argentina were treated to an unexpected pyrotechnics display. » 4/23/13 6:20am 4/23/13 6:20am

This map shows the incredible extent of Friday's meteor sightings

Mike Hankey of the American Meteor Society has put together a map showing the extent to which Friday’s dramatic meteor was seen along the U.S. East Coast. The boulder-sized fireball, which got as bright as the full moon, was seen all the way from South Carolina to Maine. » 3/25/13 1:03pm 3/25/13 1:03pm

US government holds hearings on what to do about asteroid defense

Earlier this week, the US House Science, Space and Technology Committee held a hearing on asteroid defense. With the Russian asteroid strike fresh in the public's mind, it was a good time to discuss how prepared we are for the next incoming space rock. » 3/21/13 12:23pm 3/21/13 12:23pm

How to Collect Micrometeorites in Your Backyard

Meteors rain down on the earth every hour of every day. Most of these are hardly larger than a grain of rice or a pea. The majority are little more than particles of dust, 10 to 40 micrometers (0.0004-0.0016 inch) in size. The average one is scarcely a quarter of the width of a human hair. The atmosphere makes short… » 2/18/13 3:00pm 2/18/13 3:00pm

Meteorite Explodes Over Russia, Hundreds Injured

Over a hundred people are injured after a meteor or meteors reportedly exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia this morning. Although there are no confirmed deaths, the full extent of the situation is still being assessed. » 2/15/13 1:16am 2/15/13 1:16am

What's up with all the weird meteors lately?

The meteors this month have been acting a little strange — they're particularly fiery, and they take a very long time to burn out. It turns out this is not an isolated incident; speculation over the strangeness of February meteors goes back at least half a century. » 2/23/12 3:22pm 2/23/12 3:22pm

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Asteroids, Comets & Other Near…

Many of you have probably heard about asteroid 2005 YU55, the massive rocky body that tomorrow night will collide with Earth in a ball of flames pass the planet safely, albeit closer than any asteroid in the last 35 years. » 11/07/11 10:24am 11/07/11 10:24am

Why you're more likely to die from a meteor strike than a lightning…

It seems that the best way to predict future behavior is to look at past behavior. But if you had the chance to bet on which is more likely to kill you, lightning or a meteor — then, believe it or not, you should choose the meteor, even though no meteor has ever killed any human. Find out the strange odds, below. » 9/12/11 7:40am 9/12/11 7:40am

The Real Reason I'm Disappointed in Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card's homophobic views aren't exactly news — they've been a source of online controversy for years. It's only newsworthy when Card does something especially notable, like rewriting one of the world's greatest ghost stories into an anti-gay screed. » 9/08/11 10:40am 9/08/11 10:40am

And now, the Perseid shower from the International Space Station

Earlier today, we saw the International Space Station fly by a Perseid meteor from an earthbound vantage point. Now check out a Perseid meteor as photographed (and tweeted) by astronaut and ISS visitor Ron Garan. We always see them coming (but almost never see 'em going). » 8/14/11 7:15pm 8/14/11 7:15pm

A Perseid meteor zips by the International Space Station

On August 10, Bryan Stewart was filming a fly-by of the International Space Station in Texas when a Perseid meteor jumped into the shot. » 8/14/11 12:30pm 8/14/11 12:30pm

Mysterious hole downright baffles New Jersey neighborhood

In Basking Ridge, New Jersey, a strange hole recently appeared in an unsuspecting lawn. This spontaneous divot has fascinated residents and local news anchors, spinning dark, eldritch dreams of meteorites and UFOs. Plus, witness the wannest Smallville joke ever made. » 5/18/11 7:30am 5/18/11 7:30am